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Hi, I would like to share with you a natural remedy for Kidney Stones that worked for me and could help others.

A little history; A few years back I was in and out of  hospital with suspected kidney stones, and was in considerable pain starting in the back of the right abdomen and radiating through to the front. After several periods in hospital with ultra sounds and x-rays not finding anything, they eventually found a stone that was transparent, and difficult to see with ultrasounds etc. The stone was moving around and sometimes blocking the urinary tract which was causing the pain in the fromt of the lower abdomen. The hospital operated and removed the stone, and thank god no more pain.

I think that the stone was due to the number of pills I currently take for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high collesterol, and that after a time the chemicals form the stone, I am no doctor but sure they have something to do with it.

After about a year, the pain returned and I visited the hospital and they did another ultrasound and found what they believed to be another stone, and said if it gets worse to return for another operation, not something I really wanted.

My wife was talking to a guy at the local garden centre, and told him about by kidney problem. He said he knew an old Thai Natural remedy which would get rid of the stone, and gave us the recipe.

We got the incredients and made some of this ‘medicine’, I took it for about two weeks, and the pain had gone. We went back to the hospital for a routine appointment, and they performed another ultrasound and confirmed there was no stone anymore.

About 18months later, (about two weeks ago), the pain returned again, very strong this time, so we made some more of this medicine.

I have been taking it for about 10days now and the pain has almost completely gone, just a little un-comfortable for the past few days but now next to nothing.

Ok, now I will share this remedy with you, I hope it will help you if you have a similar issue.

The Ingredients:

  • Naturally grown Aloe Vera Plant (No chemical fertilizers).
  • Natural Forest Honey – Not processed.
  • Raw Cane Sugar Crystals

How to Make:

This is what aloe Vera Looks Like:

aloevera aloeveragel

Strip the green outer from about 10-15 pieces of Aloe Vera, until you are down to the sticky inner jelly type substance and cut it into small squares:


Add this to a blender/liquidiser and add  the Natural Honey (about half the volume of the Aloe Vera):


Then add the Natural Cane Sugar Crystals (about a quarter of the volume of the Aloe Vera):


Blend in the blender until it is a smooth liquid.

Initially there will be a lot of foam on the top, wait for this to settle back into a liquid and then transfer to a sealed container and store in the fridge.

Drink about 30ml four to five times a day, and wait for the magic to happen.


If you are diabetic like me, make sure you monitor your blood sugar regularly, as this remedy does contain a lot of sugar (although it is a natural sugar). If your blood glucose rises excessively, then stop taking or seek your doctors advice.

Hope this helps someone





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